Female Orgasm – Does Coital Alignment Really Help?

Many look to the Coital Alignment Technique  (CAT) as the solution when it comes to making female orgasm easier.

However, most people need a little help to differentiate between the missionary position from the CAT technique.

Believe it or not, penile penetration is the least effective way of all to give your girl a satisfying orgasm. In fact, around 85% of women will never orgasm by penile penetration alone (or any other sort of penetration for that matter).

This is because penetration produces insufficient pressure and friction on the vaginal wall to result in female orgasm (there is one exception though –  if you can constantly and accurately hit her G-spot she may well reach orgasm).

But, generally, for a woman to reach orgasm, constant clitoral stimulation is far more effective than vaginal wall stimulation. This is because the clitoris has far more nerve endings and is far easier to stimulate. Of course, while penile penetration is a sure fire way to achieve orgasm for men, it brings little contact with the clitoris.

This is why the coital alignment technique (CAT) can make a difference to the ease of female orgasm. Instead of penetrating in and out, as in typical thrusting, the up-down rocking of the man and woman’s pelvises produces profound stimulation of the female clitoris from the repetitive “meeting” of the man and woman’s pubic areas.

Scientific studies have shown that the Coital Alignment Technique effectively improves the chance of female orgasm during sexual intercourse. Of course, the CAT technique is not the only way to go. G-Spot stimulation is another way to go but it is harder to master than the CAT technique.

So Just What Is The Coital Alignment Technique?


You might have heard about Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) but not know exactly how to do it. The CAT position technique was first proposed in a medical journal as a sex position that stimulates the clitoris and leads to female orgasm during sexual intercourse. The “how and why” of the CAT position have been explained in detail on CoitalAlignmentTechnique.com

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT Position) – Getting Real

My partner and I have tried to explore the this sexual position a few months ago. After some experimentation, she finally experienced her first orgasm during sexual intercourse in the CAT position. I just want to summarize our experience with the CAT position:


Done correctly, the CAT position can give a woman an orgasm every time. (Not true, I need to learn the sensual feel a few times before getting there. Furthermore, female orgasm is not mechanical as in male orgasm. Men should know that female orgasm is not only about stimulating the clitoris, but also the feeling of being loved and the right environment.)

You can have simultaneous orgasm with your partner with Coital Alignment Technique. (Not true, I don’t think there is anything in the CAT position that enables simultaneous orgasm. It’s more a emotional synchronization, at least in my personal experience.)

For the woman to achieve orgasm, the CAT position cannot be varied. (Not true, there are some other ways we can get there. My partner and I often change position a few times during intercourse for more fun. The bottom line is, the more you enjoy it, the more likely you will cum.)


Coital Alignment Technique helps the female partner to achieve orgasm sooner during sexual intercourse. And, of course, in fact any other position that stimulate the clitoris will help as well.

The CAT Position delays male ejaculation. It reduces stimulation on the penis compared to direct in and out thrusting in the conventional missionary position.

It requires a fair bit of practice before you can get your first orgasm with CAT.

Ready for the CAT Position?

If you are new to Coital Alignment Technique, the best way to give the CAT position a shot is to communicate the right information to your partner so that both of you have the right expectations. If you got it right on the first shot, well done! If not, well, don’t get frustrated, practice makes perfect… more importantly enjoy the process!

The facts about female orgasm during intercourse made simple